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Το τρέχον τεύχος του ETL / The current issue of ETL

Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 93:2 (2017)

  • Benjamin Dahlke, "Psalm 22 in der Passion Jesu: Zur neueren Auslegungsgeschichte," 199-237 (abstract)
  • Christoph Stenschke, "Das paulinische Evangelium und die Christen jüdischer Herkunft im Römerbrief," 239-267 (abstract)
  • Carsten Ziegert, "Die unverheiratete Frau in Jes 7,14: Eine Anfrage an die hebräische Lexikographie," 269-287 (abstract)
  • Pascaline Nzosa Muyumbu / André Wénin, "Structure rhétorique de la prière d'Esther dans la LXX d'Esther (Suppl. C,14b-30)," 289-311 (abstract)
  • F. Gerald Downing, "Plausibility, Probability, and Synoptic Hypotheses," 313-337 (abstract)
  • Jan M. Kozlowski, "'The Fruit of Your Womb' (Luke 1,42) as 'The Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth' (Judith 13,18): An Intertextual Analysis," 339-342 (abstract)
  • Konrad F. Zawadzki, "Hat Cyrill von Alexandrien sich selbst 'plagiiert'? Ein neues, rätselhaftes syrisches Fragment aus dem Codex British Library Add. 14529," 343-360 (abstract)

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Στο τρέχον τεύχος του SJTh / In the current issue of SJTh

Studies in Church History 53 (2017)

  • Marie Thérèse Champagne, "Christian Hebraism in Twelfth-Century Rome: A Philologist's Correction of the Latin Bible through Dialogue with Jewish Scholars and their Hebrew Texts," 71-87 (abstract)
  • Lucy Wooding, "Erasmus and the Politics of Translation in Tudor England," 132-145 (abstract)
  • Charlotte Methuen, "‘These four letters s o l a are not there’: Language and Theology in Luther's Translation of the New Testament," 146-163 (abstract)
  • Andrea Radošević, "Croatian Translation of Biblical Passages in Medieval Performative Texts," 223-241 (abstract)
  • Michael A. L. Smith, "Translating Feeling: The Bible, Affections and Protestantism in England c.1660–c.1750," 311-323 (abstract)
  • Kirsteen Kim, "The Evangelization of Korea, c.1895–1910: Translation of the Gospel or Reinvention of the Church?," 359-375 (abstract)

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Το τρέχον τεύχος του The Bible Translator / The current issue of The Bible Translator

The Bible Translator 68:2 (2017)

Το τρέχον τεύχος του ASE / The current issue of ASE

Annali di Storia dell' Esegesi 34/1 (2017)

  • Mauro Pesce, "Jacob Neusner (28 luglio 1932 – 8 ottobre 2016)"
  • Francesco Ubertini, "Ricordo di Jacob Neusner"
  • Jacob Neusner, "Dalla storia alla religione. Un progresso personale"

Early Christianity

  • Gerhard van den Heever, "The Spectre of a Jewish Baptist Movement. A Space for Jewish Christianity?"
  • Andrea Annese, "Logion 83 and the “Image” in the Gospel of Thomas: Relationships with Some Pauline and Early Christian Texts"
  • Dan Batovici, "The Shepherd of Hermas in Recent Scholarship on the Canon: A Review Article"

History of Ancient and Medieval Exegesis

  • Mark DelCogliano, "Phinehas the Zealot and the Cappadocians: Philo, Origen, and a Family Legacy of Anti-Eunomian Rhetoric"
  • Julie Casteigt, "Identité du témoin et accomplissement des figures: le modèle de la voix et du Verbe dans la lecture albertienne de Jn 1,19-24"

Judaism and Christianity in Early Modern and Contemporary Times

  • Cristiana Facchini, "Entangled Histories. A Road Map to Religious Individualization in Early Modern Judaism"
  • Wim François, "Grace, Free Will, and Predestination in the Biblical Commentaries of Cornelius a Lapide"
  • Stefano Villani, "Christianus Lazarus Lauria e l’attività della London Society for the Propagation of Christianity among the Jews in Italia"

Δύο νέα άρθρα στο τρέχον τεύχος του JHS / Two new articles in the current issue of JHS

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 17 (2017)

Δευτέρα, 24 Ιουλίου 2017

Tο τρέχον τεύχος του JBR / The current issue of JBR

Journal of the Bible and its Reception 4:1 (2017)

  • Sébastien Doane, "Rachel Weeping: Intertextuality as a Means of Transforming the Readers’ Worldview," 1-20 (abstract)
  • Eric Covington, "Divisio Textus and the Interpretive Logic Of Thomas Aquinas’ Lectura Ad Ephesios," 21-42 (abstract)
  • Christopher James Blythe, "The Prophetess of Endor: Reception of 1 Samuel 28 in Nineteenth Century Mormon History," 43-70 (abstract)
  • Roland Boer, "Stalin’s Biblical Hermeneutics: From 2 Thessalonians 3 to Acts 4," 71-90 (abstract)
  • Kevin M. McGeough, "Celluloid Esther: The Literary Carnivalesque as Transformed through the Lens of the Cinematic Epic," 91-124 (abstract)
  • David Tollerton, "Elie Wiesel and the Biblical Archetypes of the Contemporary Middle East," 125-146 (abstract)
  • Hannah Strømmen, "Christian Terror in Europe? The Bible in Anders Behring Breivik’s Manifesto," 147-170 (abstract)

Κυριακή, 23 Ιουλίου 2017

Απόκρυφα, αίρεση και "ορθοδοξία" / Apocrypha, heresy and "orthodoxy"

Από τον εκδοτικό οίκο Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht κυκλοφόρησε ένας νέος τόμος στη σειρά Novum Testamentum et Orbis Antiquus / Studien zur Umwelt des Neuen Testaments. Πρόκειται για μία συλλογή σύντομων μελετών, όπου οι συγγραφείς τους συζητούν τη σημασία των αποκρύφων κειμένων στην αρχαία Εκκλησία, την πιθανή σύνδεσή του με την αίρεση και τις περιπτώσεις που κάποια από αυτά με κάποιον τρόπο κατανοούνται ότι κινούνται στο πλαίσιο της "ορθοδοξίας" (εδώ ο όρος όχι με την τεχνική του σημασία αλλά ως δηλωτικός της πίστης της κυρίαρχης ομάδας μέσα στην αρχαία Εκκλησία πολύ πριν την εμφάνιση του τεχνικού όρου):

T. Nicklas / C. Moss / Chr. Tuckett / J. Verheyden, The Other Side: Apocryphal Perspectives on Ancient Christian “Orthodoxies” (NTOA 117; Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht: Göttingen 2017)
269 p.
ISBN 978-3-525-54058-9
120 ευρώ (βιβλίο) / 99,99 ευρώ (pdf)

Ένα νέο άρθρο στο τρέχον τεύχος του JHS / A new article in the current issue of JHS

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 17 (2017)

Brendan G. Youngberg, "Identity Coherence in the Chronicler's Narrative: King Josiah as a Second David and a Second Saul"

Παύλος ο Ιουδαίος / Paul the Jew

Στην ιστοσελίδα Τhe Bible and Interpretation ο Charles David Isbell (Louisiana State University) συζητά τη στάση του Παύλου απέναντι στον Ιουδαϊσμό, όπως αυτή προκύπτει από τα κείμενα της Καινής Διαθήκης: